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Jonathan B. Martin

Professor of Geology and Associate Chair
Ph.D. University of California, San Diego, 1993

Research Interests:
My research focuses on fluxes of water across interfaces particularly where surface water and groundwater (broadly defined) interact. My work aims to assess the quantity of water exchanged across the sediment-water interface, how this exchange affects both surface water and groundwater quality, and diagenetic alteration of the aquifer and sediments through which water flows. Particular environments where I work include karst terrains and hyporheic zones of spring-fed rivers, at the seaward end of coastal aquifers where fresh groundwater discharges to the ocean, and at cold methane seeps in the deep sea.

Research Opportunities:
Reversals of karst springs: Implications for water budgets, water quality, and speleogenesis

Controls on delivery and fate of water, nitrogen and calcium in a spring-fed karst river

High-resolution sensor networks for quantifying and predicting surface-groundwater mixing and nutrient delivery in the Santa Fe River, Florida

Post-deposition dissolution of carbonate minerals: Origins of secondary porosity in modern carbonate platforms

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