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John M. Jaeger

Associate Professor of Geology
Ph.D. State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1998


Marine and coastal sedimentology
Strata formation/sedimentary geology
Glacial-marine geology

Research into how changes to the earth’s surface over geologic time are chronicled in sediments accumulating along continental margins. This record reflects past changes in sea level, climate and recent human interactions with the coastal environment. Studying this record has tremendous scientific and societal importance because shorelines, deltas, and continental shelves provide most of the world’s population with energy and water. The goal is to quantifying the rates at which modern sedimentary processes operate and how completely the record of these processes is incorporated into the geologic record. Areas of focus include resolving how changes in sea-level, continental sediment production and coastal oceanography are recorded in continental margin strata over time.

Field work include sea-level studies off New Zealand, glacial-marine studies in Alaska, coastal change studies at Cape Canaveral, and paleohurricane studies that attempt to understand how tropical cyclone deposits are preserved into the geologic record.

Student Research Opportunities:
- Sedimentary records of sea-level change
- Glacimarine Sedimentology: sedimentological studies of glacially-derived sediment
- Coastal Sedimentology: field work, data interpretation, and possible numerical modeling of coastal sedimentary systems

My research interests lie in strata formation and continental margin evolution.

Primary area of expertise: Marine and coastal sedimentology/strata formation/sedimentary geology
Secondary area of expertise: sediment transport, early diagenesis, sediment provenance, earth surface processes, oceanography, shorelines and coastal geology

BS, 1991, Humboldt State University, Oceanography, Geology Minor
MS, 1993, State University of New York, Stony Brook, Marine Environmental Science
PhD, 1998, State University of New York, Stony Brook, Coastal Geological Oceanography