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Andrew Zimmerman

Associate Professor
Ph.D. College of William and Mary, 2000

Office: (352) 392-0070
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Florida
P.O. Box 112120
Gainesville, FL 32611-2120

organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology, nanogeology, coastal oceanography

The overarching goal of much of our research is to understand the processes that lead to the preservation of organic matter in sediments and soils, as well as the influence of humans on these processes. Of particular interest is the relationship between organic matter, mineral surfaces and microbes.

Research projects currently in progress include:

1) Lipid biomarker studies of estuarine and coastal systems to reconstruct the history of human-related alteration and eutrophication.
2) Examination of organic matter in Amazonian black earth soils (terra preta).
3) Examinations of the history and distribution of black carbon in relation to both climate and human influences.
4) Examinations of the chemical and physical characteristics of biochar and how these relate to its reactivity in the environment (including influence on soil C sequestration and fertility).
5) Dissolved organic matter cycling in the Floridan Aquifer (karst) and the release of metals such as arsenic in both natural and artificial recharge settings.
6) Examination of geomaterials and the influence of nanoporosity on organic matter preservation, particularly in marine coastal settings.

"The state of disequilibrium is one from which, in principle at least, it should be possible to extract some energy..." J.E. Lovelock, Gaia